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Wonder Copper - Relieves Pain Quickly & NaturallyThe Genuine Health Band is here! Relieves pain quickly and naturally!
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Solid Wood Custom-made Coffee Table
Coffee Tables are made from exotic and local woods, like Teak, Rosewood, Saligna etc.
Different Types of turned legs are available.
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These 100% pure Copper bracelets are absolutely amazing. If you suffer from gout, hyperuricemia or any condition that involves excess acid, the answer to your problems is here.

Traditionally wearing a Copper bracelet is thought to have ward off illness and keep the body in balance.

Research shows that three out of every four volunteers who wore a Copper bracelet for at least a month found their arthritic aches and pains considerably eased.

It is said that traces of Copper from the bracelet penetrates the skin and make up any lack of essential Copper in the body.

Yes you’d better believe it, it’s Copper drawing out the acid.

All bracelets are approximately 61mm in diameter, opened at one end to fit any wrist size.

Copper bangles are a sort after fashion accessory too…

Distributors/Wholesalers & Pharmacy Representatives Required!